Andy Cantrell, Main Guy

I'm Andy Cantrell of Cantrell Seafood. I oversee day to day operations of all of our facilities. I'm a local fisherman with Maine roots and deep seeded love for Boston sports teams. You won't see me on television, as I am too busy running the ship over here. Cantrell Seafood was started over 35 years ago by my father, Scott; and since then I have taken the reigns of the shop. I've been working the docks, ships, and storefront a better part of my life. And when you call Cantrell Seafood, there is a good chance I'll be the one picking up the phone.

I know my way around seafood, picking out the freshest fish that arrives daily. If you are looking for the finest shellfish, freshest seafood, and best tasting live Maine lobsters, I am your guy.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Check out our Facebook page for even more reviews.

All ages love Cantrell Seafood

All ages love Cantrell Seafood

If there is anything you don't see on our website, don't hesitate to give us a call. My staff and I love putting together custom dinner packages for our customers. In addition, we offer a variety of spices, and accessories to make your meal truly special.

If you have any questions about our fresh seafood, our live lobsters, how we collect our fish, give us a call (207) 725-7227 or send us an e-mail. Thanks for visiting Cantrell Seafood, we hope it will be your one stop shop for all things seafood.

Thanks, Andy